“C’est comme ça”en

C’est comme ça means “this is how it is”, and it is a very common expression in France. Teachers say it to their students when they ask a question that’s too complicated, politicians use it when they don’t have anything to say, and it is the administration’s favourite catchphrase.

My favourite “c’est comme ça” experience ? That was when I went to the Versailles préfecture to get an international driving license. The website said they were open from 2 to 4.30pm. I went at 3pm and the lady at the counter ignored me. After I said four “bonjours”, she finally told me the prefecture was closed. I replied that the outside signs and the website said that they should be open until 4.30pm. All I got was a very sharp “oui mais c’est comme ça.” That’s how it is.

Taken from Michel Le Goff (The Local)

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